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The Studio
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Zoom Classes

Creative Movement - Wednesday 3:30-4:00
Pre-Ballet - Monday 3:30-4:00
(Please visit our Summer Classes page for more details)
How to Take Online Classes
As we enter into this new and different realm of "class at home" there are probably lots of questions. Hopefully the following will be helpful, please
feel free to reach out with any additional questions or thoughts.  

Classes will be modified to accommodate a smaller space (no big leaps over the sofa:) and will be slightly shorter than a traditional class.  

WHERE - Find an open space in your house where you have the room to extend your legs to the front, side and back as well as lie down with arms
and legs fully extended.  Always good to take a moment and remove any tripping hazards (pets, toys, shoes. siblings, etc...:).  Wood floors are ideal
but carpet, tile, etc will work just fine.  

DEVICES - Computer, phone, tablet, etc - For YouTube classes any device that has access to the internet and that can be moved or rotated so you
can easily see the screen,  the bigger the screen the better.  For Zoom classes your device will also need a camera and be positioned so we can
see your whole body during class or as much as possible.  If you can, connecting your device to a larger monitor or TV works great and makes it
easier to follow along.

WHAT TO HAVE READY - Creative Movement students can have a favorite stuffed animal or soft toy to use during class.  Pre-Ballet and up will
need something to use as a barre.  You can use the back of a chair, sofa, counter top, wall or even the foot board of a bed. Whatever the choice
please make sure to get permission first;).  For Ballet 1 and up a yoga mat, towel or even a sweatshirt will come in handy for the floor exercises.  

WHAT TO WEAR - Plan on wearing your normal class attire and put your hair up to get into the dancing mood (colored leotards, skirts, leggings
etc... are A OK right now though, have fun!).  Ballet shoes will work fine on most surfaces but please do be careful.  If the floor feels too slippery
bare feet are OK especially for the younger ones.

Zoom Classes
WHEN - We will be setting up a weekly schedule of classes for Zoom and sharing the details via email.  

HOW - Please let us know you are interested and we'll email a link to each class.  You can cut and paste the link into your browser, follow a couple
of prompts and you are all set.  Please do turn on your audio and video for these classes and click the correct prompts to join with both audio and

YouTube Classes:
WHEN - It's best to schedule a specific time to take class and try and stick with it (understanding that for some right now that may not be possible:).  
Keeping a schedule helps things feel more "normal" and is something to look forward to.  Make a chart of which day(s) and time(s) you are going to
take class that you can follow during the week.  And, if you want to take class more often just click on the YouTube link!

For all of our students- this is a great opportunity to work on things specific things on your own.  Taking the time each day to stretch is perhaps the
number one most helpful activity you can do!  Slow releves on one foot is right up there as a close second. There are many other simple exercises
that you can do on your own to help improve your strength, balance and flexibility so when we get back into class you will be ready to go!  If you are
not sure what to work on please email, we are happy to help!